They say LUCK is when opportunity meets preparation

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 I set my alarm - had the camera ready and a once in a lifetime shot

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EXPERIENCE COUNTS:   Miracle on the Hudson

Sullenberger is an airline safety expert who has 40 years of experience, 29 with US Airways.

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Sully, certainly shows experience is just one of the many ingredients that make a great life experience.  Finding that right person to represent you that has that perfect blend of experience, personal connection and integrity.  With almost 30 years in the Real Estate field.  Starting as a Real Estate secretary, I quickly developed a love for the industry.  Needing more challenges, I studied and got my Broker's license, then on to become a trainer for one of the largest Real Estate firms in Hampton Roads.

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                        MY LIFE'S PURPOSE  - MAKE A DIFFERENCE

     Enjoy Life while you -  Help Raise Money  - For a CAUSE you BELIEVE in        

Experience special moments in nature - Embrace the unexpected in life 

Adopt a Pet     -       they Love      -      Surprise        -       And Watch for you 

Plant your own garden                                              Volunteer