Published On: September 8, 2013

The housing market recovery is not everywhere, in fact, it seems to be "visiting" the more affluent areas, of course.  For those of us in the Middle Class, the housing is tough on so many levels.  Rates are going up on mortgages, making it increasingly more difficult to find a home in todays, still high real estate market.  While rates are going up for the average buyer, the rates are going DOWN for the Jumbo Loan market, so the wealthier can buy even more.  Also there are fewer homes on the market in the low to middle range homes, creating multiple offers again, many loosing out to those with "cash" again loosing out to those with the money.  We all need to write to our Congressional representative to let them know we need to keep rates down (below 4%) to allow the recovery to continue and the middle class to realize the American Dream.  Rents right now are actually higher than the mortgage would be on that same house.  Again, the middle class is supporting the accumulation of weath for the wealthy.  Don't be afraid to write personal notes, or use Facebook, Twitter etc. As reported in Trulia here are some numbers.